Wednesday, 1 August 2012

EASA PART-66 Module 8 : Basic Aerodynamics

8.1 Physics of the Atmosphere (level 2)
International Standard Atmosphere (ISA), application to aerodynamics.

8.2 Aerodynamics (level 2)
Airflow around a body;
Boundary layer, laminar and turbulent flow, free stream flow, relative airflow, upwash and downwash, vortices, stagnation;
The terms: camber, chord, mean aerodynamic chord, profile (parasite) drag, induced drag, centre of pressure, angle of attack, wash in and wash out, fineness ratio, wing shape and aspect ratio;
Thrust, Weight, Aerodynamic Resultant;
Generation of Lift and Drag: Angle of Attack, Lift coefficient, Drag coefficient, polar curve, stall;
Aerofoil contamination including ice, snow, frost.

8.3 Theory of Flight (level 2)
Relationship between lift, weight, thrust and drag;
Glide ratio;
Steady state flights, performance;
Theory of the turn;
Influence of load factor: stall, flight envelope and structural limitations;
Lift augmentation.

8.4 Flight Stability and Dynamics (level 2)
Longitudinal, lateral and directional stability (active and passive)


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