Thursday, 14 June 2012


17.1 Fundamentals (level 2)
Blade element theory;
High/low blade angle, reverse angle, angle of attack, rotational speed;
Propeller slip;
Aerodynamic, centrifugal, and thrust forces;
Relative airflow on blade angle of attack;
Vibration and resonance.

17.2 Propeller Construction (level 2)
Construction methods and materials used in wooden, composite and metal propellers;
Blade station, blade face, blade shank, blade back and hub assembly;
Fixed pitch, controllable pitch, constant speeding propeller;
Propeller/spinner installation.

17.3 Propeller Pitch Control (level 2)
Speed control and pitch change methods, mechanical and electrical/electronic;
Feathering and reverse pitch;
Overspeed protection.

17.4 Propeller Synchronising (level 2)
Synchronising and synchrophasing equipment.

17.5 Propeller Ice Protection (level 2)
Fluid and electrical de-icing equipment.

17.6 Propeller Maintenance (level 3)
Static and dynamic balancing;
Blade tracking;
Assessment of blade damage, erosion, corrosion, impact damage, delamination;
Propeller treatment/repair schemes;
Propeller engine running

17.7 Propeller Storage and Preservation (level 2)
Propeller preservation and depreservation

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